Viet-Programmers keyboard layout for Linux / X11

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Here you can find Vietnamese keyboard layout based on the idea of Polish-Programmers layout, ie: the Vietnamese special characters are obtained with right side Alt key (called AltGr) + the corresponding similar character from the basic latin alphabet. If there are more than one Vietnamese letters based on one latin letter, then use the next letter on the right. See Usage section below for details.

You can help by translating this page as my Vietnamese still sucks too much to do this myself ;]


characterkey combinationscomments
âAltGr + afor capital letter add Shift
ăAltGr + s
đAltGr + d
êAltGr + e
ôAltGr + o
ơAltGr + p
ưAltGr + u
₫ (VND symbol)AltGr + f
dấu nặng (ọ)AltGr + .A tone character should be entered after a letter character.
For example to obtain ó first type o and then AltGr + /
dấu sắc (ó)AltGr + /
dấu huyền (ò)AltGr + \AltGr + ,
dấu hỏi (ỏ)
AltGr + ?
(AltGr + Shift +?
AltGr + ;
dấu ngã (õ)
AltGr + ~
(AltGr + Shift +~
AltGr + `AltGr + '


Replace your /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/vn file with this file file and restart X (logout and login again).


See commits history on github.

Legal stuff

Layout files and this document are copyrighted by Piotr Morgwai Kotarbiński and licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
"Thỏ" movie image was found somewhere on the internet. Its license is unknown. It is hoped that placing it here does not violate anybody's intellectual property.