M$ Edge in Selenium Grid

This article is a list of Selenium Grid node configuration hacks that allow to use M$ Edge as a part of a Selenium Grid. It is not a complete step-by-step guide: it assumes that the reader is generally familiar with Selenium Grid configuration and concepts. It also assumes some basic knowledge of Windows-10 operating system.
The below described hacks were tested on versions 3.4.0 and 3.5.0 of Selenium and build 15063 of Edge.

The essence:

Node config:

Putting the first 3 points together, the config for an Edge node should look similar to the below:

  "capabilities": [
      "browserName": "MicrosoftEdge",
      "platform": "WIN10",
      "maxInstances": 1
  "hub": "https://selenium-hub-host:4444"

...plus of course any other options (timeouts, etc) that you need to set for your specific purposes.

If it works fine and you feel brave then you may try to add other browsers also: sometimes it works ok this way and you don't need to have 2 separate nodes on the same machine.

Automating the start of the node(s):

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