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This page is mainly a set of links to other info about me.
For contact, please see the list of GPG key fingerprints of addresses in this domain.
For my professional info check out my linkedin profile. See also my github profile for my open-source work.

Some of my work:

gRPC Guice Scopes
Websocket Guice scopes
Viet-Programmers keyboard layout for Linux / X11
Introduction to applied cryptography for non-IT folks
Creating secure and easy to remember passwords and managing them easily
Using Scoped dependencies in Singletons in ASP.NET Core
Simple UCarp / Keepalived L2 VIP + iptables proxy for Kubernetes
gerrit rebase workflow: working with a stack of changes based one on each other

obsolete stuff:

M$ Edge in Selenium Grid
Android NDK Advanced Tutorial
acpi_call / tpacpi-bat packages for ubuntu / LinuxMint - allow one to set battery charge thresholds on new ThinkPad models not supported by smapi.
Notes on installing bugzilla-4.4.6 on Ubuntu 14.04/14.10 (trusty/utopic)

This is what and how I think in general:

These are my accounts on various services on the internet:

These accounts I use very rarely now, but it's still me ;)

I do NOT use FB nor Instagram.

Some links:

FOSS related:

lineageos.org/ - liberate your phone! open-source build of android operating system (ROM) for your phone.
f-droid.org/ - further liberate your phone! alternative android app-store with open-source apps only built directly from source.
ubuntu-mate.org/ - liberate your computer! GNU/Linux based open-source operating system (ie: linux distro).
gnupg.org/ - protect privacy of your emails! open-source email encryption based on PGP. (linux/windows/mac)
openkeychain.org/ - PGP/GPG key manager for android.
k9mail.app/ - android email app with PGP/GPG support (using OpenKeyChain.
openwrt.org/ - liberate your router! linux-based open-source firmware for your router.
gnu.org/ - free software operating system used as part of most linux distros.
kernel.org/ - source for the linux kernel.
apache.org/ - great collection of free and open source software.
linuxtoday.com/ - FOSS related news selection.


metal-archives.com/ - Encyclopaedia Metallum.
wikipedia.org/ - online free encyclopedia.

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